We're featured at the virtual End Poverty Summit 2019

Since 2017 the American non-profit cooperation, Social Ventures Foundation, have hosted the virtual End Poverty summit and this year PeriodPride - Keep Our Girls In School is a featured speaker at the summit where our co-founder Thelma Musanhu Mafukidze talks about our campaign to end Period Poverty. Social Ventures Foundation introduces a new paradigm to poverty reduction which "is focused on doing buisness with a purpose. By employing the poor and developing sustainable, affordable products and services that life the livelihoods of the poor, we can engage a population that exceeds 3 to 4 mio. people on the planet and bring them out of poverty. The End Poverty summit 2019 will engage students from social entrepreneurship and engineering programs, at universities and colleges worldwide. In addition, the summit will also engage entrepreneurs of startups and businesses that are in the process of scaling so that they can share their experience with students from around the world. To learn more visit: https://www.socialventuresfoundation.org/end-poverty-summit-18

Recipients of the POWER TOGETHER Award 2019

On November 20th, 2019 Periodpride - Keep our girls in school will recieve the POWER TOGETHER Award at the annual Reykjavík global forum - Women leaders in Iceland in the presence of female leaders from all over the world. The award is given to organizations fighting to end period poverty and honor outstanding initiatives where people join forces and use their power to together advance society and achieve great change. According to Silvana Koch-Mehrin, President and found of women political leaders (WPL), the POWER TOGETHER awards recognizes the unique drive of women who set aside differences and join forces for a greater cause, because no sustainable change can be reached alone. Together, women can make sure the future holds as many opportunities for girls and women as for boys and men. To learn more visit https://reykjavikforum.global/