We Need Your Help

Ending Period Poverty is possible if everybody joins the fight!

Join us as we stand up and help girls from under privileged backgrounds all around the world with educational material and a package of Safepad, antimicrobial reusable pads, because their health is our number one priority.
By joining this campaign Period Pride--KeepOurGirlsInSchool, you will help to keep a girl in school for the entire 4 days of her period. Such small contribution goes a long way as educated girls have the freedom to make their own choices and not let their periods prevent them from attending school and/or important events in their lives.




We cannot do it alone

We aim to end period poverty by 2030, however, we cannot do this alone. To those ends we have identified organisations across the world that will work with us to eradicate period poverty as well as support girls with educational material and support programs.
Through their support we will be able to:

Identify communities in need of immediate support!
Educate girls about menstruation through our education programme!
Reach places where communities are in dire need of assistance!
Ensure that the selected group of girls receive the support meant for them!
Reach out to teachers and organizations that are directly involved with the girls!
We value the contribution from our Implementing partners. They play a huge role in this campaign as they are directly involved with the girls in their communities.

You can support our campaign by

Supplying local communities with menstrual products i.e. Safecup / SafepadTM.
Raising awareness through sharing the Period Pride logo and campaign material on the social medias platforms.
Supplying local communities educational material.
Calling on governments and important stakeholders to put Menstrual Health Management on the agenda.

Expected outcomes

Keeping more girls in schools by providing them with sanitary wear.
Getting more girls educated about menstrual health in general.
Breaking the silence surrounding menstrual periods, no more taboos.
Take a step further by signing our online pledge to Keep our Girls in School and give our girls their Pride Back!!