Period Pride

We are two women from different backgrounds and geographical locations who are driven by the passion to see an end to period poverty. Unless we give our girls access to education and menstrual wear, period poverty will continue to be a major challenge hindering our girls from realizing their full academic potential. We cannot just sit and watch this happening, so we raise our voices together.

Their Mission Is To Eradicate Period Poverty Globally

Thelma Musanhu

“I thrive on introducing the world to sustainable technology and products that will help to alleviate poverty in many aspects of life. Often, without campaigns and a reach out to stakeholders, the technology and products would remain hidden. The campaigns serve the purpose to help communities in need. Back in 2009, when I was a school teacher in a rural farm community, the signs of period poverty were there right in front of me. However, I failed to identify the problem. Now, I recall how a handful of girls would miss school sometimes 3 or even 4 days every month. We scolded them and we never bothered making them feel that they could confide in us about the real reason for missing school. With the growing interest in Period Poverty topics, I understand why they sometimes missed school and how they must have felt. I know this one truth: We are the solution to Period Poverty and we have always been the solution.”

Through her work with Energy Globe Award, Thelma has had the opportunity to learn about new innovative sustainable technology and products such as Safepad™, which she believes will help transform the lives of many girls in need of clean sustainable menstrual wear while keeping them in school for all the days of their period.

Trine Angeline Sig

“When I started developing solutions for menstrual health, I found that in many places around the world, myths and taboos surrounding menstruation have unfortunate consequences, sometimes making girls and women stay home from school or work during their period. One of the causes is lack of access to sanitary pads, educational information and/or proper sanitation. The reusable sanitary pad addresses part of this problem and Safepad™ offers a sterile and durable solution. It is an innovative product that prevents infections, while it will also help to prevent the social isolation of girls and women in third-world countries.”

Trine has through her company Real Relief delivered more than 1 million intelligent pads to girls and women in need, contributing to healthier and sound periods.